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Pact Sudan Country Program
Plot No.64, Block 2,2nd  class/Hai Malakal, Juba


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About Us

Pact is a capacity building INGO that has been operating in South Sudan since 2002 leading a coalition of local and international partners in the implementation of the Sudan Peace Fund. The Sudan Peace Fund served as a unique platform approach for managing peace and recovery work to promote a substantial reduction in the level of violent conflict in Sout Sudan. From then on, we have continued to follow a people-to-people peacebuilding approach, and worked mainly with community-based organizations at the grass root level.

We have three programmatic areas: Peacebuilding, Water for Recovery and Peace Program and Natural Resource Management (NRM). Pact accomplishes its activities with the help of implementing partners, both local and international. Grants are usually issued to eligible organizations through a transparent grant awarding process to carry out projects.

Pact works to enhance South Sudanese capacity to address the recovery process. Our work is based on the following objectives: support to returns and reintegration; cross line/cross border peace dialogues; enabling good governance; emergence of a vibrant civil society; and access to quality, independent information. Historically, our approach has been three-fold:

  • To increase the ability of local communities to plan and manage activities that build peace;
  • To increase the ability of local organizations to assist communities in implementing peacebuilding plans; and
  • To increase the ability of civil society and faith-based networks in building, consolidating and safeguarding peace.

Pact Inc.

Pact is an International Non Governmental Organization that has been in operation since 1971. Pact’s goal is to build empowered communities, effective governments and responsible private institutions that give people an opportunity for a better life. This is done by strengthening the capacity of organizations and institutions to be good service providers, represent their stakeholders, network with others for learning and knowledge sharing, and advocate for social, economic and environmental justice.

Interdependence, responsible stewardship, inclusion of vulnerable groups, and respect for local ownership and knowledge are core values across all of our programs. Pact assists more than 12,000 organizations in 59 countries around the world; those groups in turn reach millions more with vital assistance, partnering with people to improve their lives and build their own capacity to transform their world. For more information on Pact Inc. please visit our global website.



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